Christmas Glass

Last, but not least, are these beautiful glass creations from my sister, Cheryl.  I know I go on about her talent, but I'm always amazed at the new and beautiful ideas she comes up with.  The pen holder and pen on the left were a gift from her for Mark.  Cheryl may be surprised to see the other two pens, but Mark added the two holes to accommodate his other special pens- a great idea!  I gave him the middle one this Christmas, handmade locally from Juniper.  Both are attached to pieces of driftwood she collects near her home.

The bird piece was made for me and I just love it.  Cheryl has started doing many types of animals in glass and they are all amazing.  Check out her latest portraits on her blog and website.  I think that is all for the handmade gifts this year.  I've got some new projects going on as we start the new year and I'll be posting them soon.  I hope you are a having a great start to 2011!