The Snow Child Applique

The Snow Child (1)

Things are coming along with my Snow Child piece, though not quite as fast as I would like.  I have most of the applique done, but haven't been able to work on it very much this week due to other obligations and a nagging neck pain.  This pain is exacerbated by looking down as I always do when I'm hand sewing.  I am seeing a chiropracter tomorrow and hope for some relief soon.  

The Snow Child (2)

I have lots of ideas for embellishing this piece.  We are leaving on Saturday for a vacation somewhere warm and wonderful and I thought I might bring this for something to do on the airplane.  I have done a mixture of turned and raw edge applique. I'm also taking advantage of the edgings that some of the vintage linens came with.  I love working with these old linens.  They are so soft and pliable, so interesting to look at and it feels great to breathe new life into an old kitchen towel!

The Snow Child (3)

I've used harem cloth as a base layer and this will end up being the "batting" for this piece.  This is a technique I learned from Jude Hill.  It's lovely and light to work with, but really adds a nice bit of dimension to the stitching. It's also tames some of the squirrely linens and silk I like to use.  

I just sent in my entry form to participate in the Around the Block Fiber Arts Stroll on July 7.  I plan to demonstrate using vintage linens in small textile art pieces.  I did a demo on slow cloth last year and this will be somewhat similar, but I plan to have a lot of my newer pieces made with vintage linens. 

I will be back here in two weeks, unless I do a mini post while on the beach.  Aloha!