Come on a Fiber Arts Stroll with me!


Last Saturday was the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Fiber Arts Stroll.  It's sort of a preview of what's to come and always lots of fun.  In the quilt above those are 1/2 inch squares!


Other fiber arts are displayed and demonstrated, though I mostly paid attention to the quilts.  There were spinners and felters, weavers and dyers.  


There was a special exhibit of these Fractured Art quilts.  In this one, several quilters worked on one piece, but each taking a section of an image and doing just that part independently of the others.  The level of detail is just amazing!  It's hard to see here, but these are very 3 dimensional.

005 009 

In the same building there was a display of these Playful Portraits. They were created by local quilters in classes with June Jaeger, Catherine Conkey and Lura Schwartz-Smith.  Below are Ann Richardson's corgis.  Ann is the fearless leader of the SOQS.  Her corgis are famous in town for appearing in all the parades pulling a little tiny cart.  I've shown many pictures of them here.


Several of the others are done by quilters in my local guild.  They've done an amazing job of rendering their favorite canine buddies in cloth!

008 010 011 

Jean Wells had a special gallery showing of some of her new artwork.  She is the featured quilter this year and will be inducted into the Quilter's Hall of Fame.  Her work is just gorgeous!  I'm amazed by Jean's creative and physical energy with all that she does.

012 014 

There's a new eatery in downtown Sisters called Poppies.  They have a marvelous plant nursery surrounding a sweet little house.  Inside they were giving away the most delicious samples.  They just opened for business on Tuesday, and I can't wait to go see what they've got for lunch next time I'm in town.


In the Sisters Art Works building there was the display of framed postcards for the Wish Upon a Card project.  I sent in three this year and two were matted for sale, shown below.  I didn't find the third, so I don't know if it was sold or maybe was still getting framed?  I somehow forgot to get photos of them before I sent them in, so I don't even remember what it looked like!


In the Sisters Library was an amazing display of quilts for a challenge called Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.  There is so much creativity here.  Lots to look at so I'll let the quilts speak for themselves.  Enjoy!

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