AAQI for September

Solar Flare for AAQI May 2012 (1)

The big news for AAQI this month is that I have another quilt, Solar Flare, up for auction.  The auction closes on Monday, September 10 at 10pm CST. You might want to get right over there and check out all the other wonderful quilts too!  

Speaking of AAQI, I went on the site to check for quilts that I've sent in and haven't been put up on my $1000 Promise page.  I was surprised and delighted to find that one of my recent ones has sold, not only that, there was one from last year that never made it onto the page (my fault entirely, it's up to each of the participants to let them know when a quilt gets its photo and again when it's sold).  So, the really big news is that I fulfilled my $1000 Promise a long time ago!  

When the three new ones get put up on the page, I will have donated 22 quilts to AAQI, most of which have sold.  Included in that are two quilts that will be going to Houston without me!  I hope they find good homes there.

So, it's very exciting!  I've made my $1000 goal and have managed to complete my Quilt-A-Month Club duties every month for 19 months in a row.  The duty is to either send in a quilt or to buy a quilt each month.  Most of those months I sent in a quilt.  I have bought a few good ones though.  This month I decided to go looking for a good one to buy and discovered a new (to me) quilter doing some beautiful work.  Her name is JoAnn Stowell.  She's also soing the $1000 Promise.  She does a lot of work with Neocolor II crayons, inks or other art supplies on cotton fabric.  Her beautiful cloth paintings have given me some ideas to try and I bought this one of JoAnn's.  Oh, and JoAnn also has a quilt in the September auction!  Go ahead and take a look, you won't be disappointed!