Pumpkin Time


Life is super busy again.  I guess this is life with teenagers.  One is quite possibly going back to school in the next month or two and the other is in a full-on college readiness mode.  I see a future of campus visitations as we start to think about all the future brings. 

Meanwhile, last week was full with unschooling adventures including this trip to the pumpkin patch and corn maize.  Friday was the most beautiful day of the whole week- about 75 and sunny!  Woohoo- it was perfect for a day outside.


The corn maize this year had a safari theme, hence the jeep above.  One interesting thing was that the corn didn't grow as tall this year so there were places that it was only 3-4 feet high.  Most of it was tall enough to be a real maze.   



I've been feeling a little like this lately!


We actually got a bunch of the COOL kids together for a photo.  That's Smith Rock State Park in the background.


After the Corn Maize, it was time to head to the U-Pick pumpkin patch.  A lot of the pumpkins were rotten.  Probably from all the crazy weather we had in early October.

Mt. Jefferson is a fine backdrop for this field of pumpkins.


Some of us had a hard time leaving all those other pumpkins in the field!  Much discussion ensued over which ones were to come home with us.


Ryan had a great time loading them up.


This cat is really cool.  It looks like it was carved in while the pumpkin was still growing.


We ended the weekend with a birthday party for my mom.  I made this table runner for her from some lovely autumn fabrics.


Mom and Dad got home safely from a two month trip to Alaska in their RV.  They had many photos and stories to share.  To round out the evening we had apple and pumpkin pie.  Yum!