Small Wonders

* Edited to add:  I should have known better, to make sure I had all the quilts and awards right.  I made some mistakes, but have fixed them and added the judges' comments below.  I still hope I can get over and take some better photos of the winners soon.


During the month of May, the Sisters Library community room has been filled with amazing color and design!  Over 80 quilts were entered into the Small Wonders Challenge for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  I entered two that you can see above, Ginger's Garden II and Quilt!.  Last weekend Sarah and I went over to see the quilts and vote for Viewer's Choice.  Sarah did a nice post about it here.  Most of the photos here are clickable to see more detail.


As you can see it was hard to decide.  There is so much variety in technique and design!  






Here are some close ups of my favorites:


Marion Shimoda


Little Bird by Valori Wells


Virginia Cole

From a woman's soul, through a  woman's eyes, by a woman's hands.


Marion Shimoda


Ann Richardson


Bird by Jean Wells


Salmon Says by Dianne Scharf


Tonye Belinda Phillips


Spring has Sprung by Mary Ann Lisk


Shirley Peterson


Karen Shadley


Quilts by kids in Sisters schools

Last night there was a reception to reveal the winners of the Viewer's Choice, as well as the judges' picks for Best Use of Color, Best Use of Recycled Materials, Best Use of Innovative Techniques and Judge's Choice.

Small Wonders Awards (1)

Three of the winners were there and one was me!  I couldn't believe it.  I won Judge's Choice for Ginger's Garden II.  Joanne Myers (middle) got the Viewer's Choice award and Kathie Leonard (left) got the award for Best Use of Innovative Techniques. 

Best Use of Color

Best Use of Color, "Seasons in Bora Bora" by Mary Nyquist Koons

Judges' comments:  Use of color allows the eye to move around the piece; Great form of color wheel – very innovative; Clever composition, contemporary shape and feel and the use of color makes it dynamic

Best use of Innovative techniques

Best Use of Innovative Techniques, "African Adventure" by Kathie Leonard.  No wonder I was confused.  The name listed on the quilt here is wrong.

Judges' comments:  Great use of batiks and choice of beads, feathers, etc.; Embellishments used tastefully to create an African look; Nice composition; like the variety of surface embellishments

Best use of recycled materials

Best Use of Recycled Materials by Charlene Kenny.  This quilt uses pieces of an old quilt to great effect.

Judges' comments:  Outstanding use of recycled fabrics, nice design; Like the mix of old & new to create a classic little quilt;  Re-creation of old quilt – very unique; Traditional with a twist; Great choice of fabrics to compliment recycled blocks; The use of completed blocks from other projects was put together beautifully and was very unique.  The technique to create the wave pattern was successful and created a very pleasing piece.

Viewer's Choice

Viewer's Choice by Joanne Myers

Ann's comment:  Just about by a land slide!

Small Wonders Awards (2)

Judge's Choice, Ginger's Garden by me!

Judges' comments:  The color in this piece produced a very vibrant, rich image.  The bright colors combined with light but intense colors played so beautifully off of each other;  The quilting is terrific and while the border is busy, it is filled with interest and truly sets off the image in the center.  Everything works together – lights and darks; Truly a charming piece; Wonderful combination of color, pattern and design; Very fun piece; Great composition and fun – happy quilt

Small Wonders Awards (3) The quilts will now be sold as a fundraiser.  All the quiltmaker's get first dibs on their own quilts.  I think the 5 winners will be sold for $200, the honorable mentions for $150 and the rest for $100.  The sale will be at the Sisters Summer Faire on July 2 and 3.  They'll remain at the library until the end of May.

It was a wonderful evening with delicious food catered by a new Mexican restaurant in Sisters, Los Agaves.  Thanks to my friend Sarah for attending with me and to my Mom and Dad for coming to the event and to my Dad for taking the three photos here with me in them.

Judges Choice Award for Ginger's Garden II