Red, White and Blue

Nautical Chevron (2)Last year I started collecting red, white and blue fabrics that had a nautical theme.  I wanted to make a quilt for Chloe and meant to get it done last year.  I didn't get to it until about a month ago, but finally decided on a perfectly normal chevron.  There's not a liberated seam here at all!  As it turns out, Chloe prefers non liberated quilts, including this one.  She was surprised to find it on her bed when she was home last week.

Nautical Chevron (16)She loved it so much she took it back to school with her.  She is staying at Linfield for the summer as she works on a couple of research projects.Nautical Chevron (18)

Nautical Chevron (17)After I made that one, I had some leftover fabric and cut up triangles, so I started another perfectly normal quilt!  I know, so unlike me.  However, I didn't have a lot invested in this one so it was easy to experiment with it.  I decided to try a machine quilted spiral which came out pretty nice.  Once you get started it is just around and around for 2-3 hours (including breaks).  I really like how this came out. Nautical Star (5)

Nautical Star (4)The only thing about it is a pronounced wave.  I am really having a problem with that lately, but I think it's because this one wasn't basted very heavily.

Nautical Star (2)

I thought this one would look good hanging on the porch for July 4th, so I need to figure out how I'm going to hang it.Nautical Star back (2)