My goal in life

Finally, My goal in life is ready for its close-up.  I really had fun making this one.  It was a pretty quick project once I figured out how I wanted to do it.  I used the Printed Treasures fabric that you can put right through your printer to make the photos of Scrabble.  I inserted the photos into a Word document and then added the text to the same document so it would all print out on one sheet of fabric.  The fabric is pretty expensive, but a good starter project.  I actually went to the store looking for Bubble Jet Set, but they only had this and it worked out fine.

I decided to quilt it with big stitch embroidery because I was running on a deadline.  I also did little bits of other stitches such as chain stitch, lazy daisy, stem stitch and feather stitch.  I even did some of Jude'sdot stitches.

Lastly, I added the buttons and beads.

I've been wanting to immortalize Scrabble in a quilt for a while.  I still  like the idea of putting a folk art style applique image of him on a quilt.  Gwen Marston has a quilt done like that of her dog in one of her books.  It's always been a favorite of mine.  Perhaps, some day!