Dye Series Part 6- A Rainbow and some Thread

A rainbow in cotton and linen (3)

After doing all the other dyeing, I still had plenty of dye left over, so I decided to make a rainbow, but these are mixed colors in each cup.  One fat quarter of Kona Cotton and one fat eighth of linen in each cup.  I mixed various yellows, or reds, or oranges, etc, until I got a color I liked.  

A rainbow in cotton and linen (6)

Thread dyeing

I also did some thread dyeing.  This is DMC embroidery floss.  Red and green are my favorites for pops of color.

Thread, walnut dye and Procion dye

When washed and dryed I always have a challenging mangle of thread to sort out.  I still haven't gotten to these, but they are ready to use!  On the left is some thread that I dyed in  my walnut pot.  I didn't let them sit for long, so they are pretty light brown.  I still have a couple more tricks up my sleeve, so I'll be back soon.