Lots of lemons

Well, I've waited so long to reveal what's been keeping me down lately, but can't put it off any longer.  Life has thrown me a whole lot of lemons since early July when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It's been a very difficult month and a half and pretty much ruined the summer.  After multiple doctor visits, tests and a sentinel node biopsy the news is as good as it could be.  It's early (though at stage 2 not as early as I would like it) and there are no lymph nodes involved.  I started chemo last week which is the reason for the long delay in posting.  I've been tremendously lucky to have the full support of my family and friends both near and far.  In fact, the most incredible gifts have come pouring in including many hand made items.  The photo above was taken at the park one day a few weeks ago when my homeschooling group presented me with all these gifts from those present as well as from far away friends.  My friend, Jenn, organized this and totally blew me away. 

This Healing Basket includes gifts from members of Imagination Tribe.  I've mentioned IT here before.  It's an online group of very creative people and we do swaps of ATC's and other things.  It's such a great group.  I've met many of the members at homeschool conferences so it was such a special thing to see it all put together in this Healing Basket.  You might notice some lovely knit items there.  I've taken more close up photos to share, but I think they are on the camera that Chloe took to camp this week, so I'll post them later.  Also, that beautiful basket of produce in one of the more recent posts was given to us by another local friend.  I couldn't help but take photos of all that luscious color.

I plan to keep this blog going, but posts could be sporadic in the next few months.  I do love to share and have been able to keep knitting and will be doing a little bit of sewing as well.  I'd rather not make this a cancer blog, but some things may come into the conversation occasionally.  One thing I can say for sure is that going through this has allowed me to slow down and really notice the little things.  I've spent more quality time with my family lately and I've also reconnected with old friends through email and letters.  Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise.  I've decided to make some lemonade with all those lemons, so join me here in celebrating all the good things in life, good friends, good art, good love.