We're goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo!

We headed out to the Rio Grande Zoo this morning only to find that because yesterday was a holiday, the usual Monday train maintenance was switched to today.  The zoo is part of the Albuquerque Biological Park which includes the botanical gardens and aquarium as well.  The train runs between the zoo and the gardens/aquarium.  As it turned out that was okay because the zoo took a lot longer than we expected and we were very tired and ready for the pool by the time we were done.  Here are some of our favorite photos of the day.

This African Porcupine came out for a walk on a leash in the bug zoo, which is a wonderful garden as well.  His name is Homer.


Tree full of budgies.


The gorillas were really active and fun to watch.  We were there for at least a half hour.  First the little ones were playing at the window.  Occasionally one of them would knock on the window to us.  Then, the older one came over, chased the others out and made a little nest in the straw. 

The water spouts made for a fun respite from the warm temperatures.