Spin on


Spinning continues unabated even though I'm actually doing a bunch of quilting too.  I suppose that means that knitting has taken a bit of a hit.  I guess I can't really do it all.  Nevertheless, it seemed I should show you the finished product from my Storm at Sea fiber.  Again, this is a combed wool top from Lorna's Laces.  It's 10 oz. and over 420 yds.  I love this one.  Colorwise and the way it spun up make me very happy.


This one on the other hand, I think I'll call Seeing Red!  This was some alpaca batt I bought at an alpaca farm before I started spinning.  I didn't know what to look for with fiber and it wasn't until I sat down to spin it that I found it full of short clips of fiber.  It was really hard to spin, came out lumpy bumpy and just wasn't fun.  I don't know the weight, but it's about 130 yds.  Phooey on that.  I'm learning so much with spinning and now I think I've got more experience in choosing well prepared fibers.  I'm looking forward to the upcoming fiber festivals here in Oregon!