Life Intervenes...

Today started out looking like I was going to get to work on the challenge quilt for several hours at least.  But it was not to be.  I finished getting the sale items organized and then Ryan wanted to make cookies.  While we were doing that Chloe's iPod mini arrived by way of UPS and that was the end of me-time! 

But look at those happy, smiling faces!  Chloe and I spent the rest of the day getting her iPod up and running.  We figured out how to do the whole thing and spent many hours uploading music and the first Harry Potter book to her computer, naming the files and then transferring them to the iPod.  She is so thrilled to finally have it and she paid for it with her own money saved for quite a long time.

I finally did get some knitting done this evening while watching Harvey with the kids.  Chloe really liked the movie, by the way, she really appreciated the humor.  I just think Jimmy Stewart is the greatest!  Such a sweet, lovable guy.