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Chemo Quilt (1)

I made a quilt the other day and it only took a few hours!  This is a chemo quilt for one of the local infusion centers.  Chemo Quilts for Central Oregon is collecting them and had specific requirements that they be one piece quilts.  Easiest quilt you could possibly make!  I got this fabric on clearance at 50% off and it seemed a perfect gender neutral pattern for this project.  It may even grace the infusion center that I got my treatments in four years ago.  I know I would have loved to have a handmade quilt like this to snuggle under.  Chemo, in addition to being very unpleasant, also makes you quite cold.  I hope this brings comfort to those going through one of the most difficult procedures I've ever had to do.

Chemo Quilt (2)

It takes 4.5 yds of fabric.  You use 2 yards each for front and back and the half yard for the binding.  I literally have only two small strips of fabric leftover.

Spinning Station (1)

I've also been spinning!  I found a sunny spot to spin in every morning and it's been a nice way to start the day.  Below are some of my finished yarns.  I have so much fiber to work my way through that I hope I can spin every day through the fall and winter.  Maybe I can make room for more luscious fiber from the fiber festivals next year.  Last weekend I went to Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival and had to skip right past the fiber vendors because I just don't have room for more.  I did get a nice portable lazy kate though.

Spinning Station (4)

Fall Bouquet (2)

I got these beauties at the farmer's market yesterday.  So pretty and so perfect for the season.  I just love dahlias!  They really brighten the kitchen.  And, it's the start of tea season.  Multiple cups a day are being brewed here at Chez Shields.  


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