Picking time

Apple picking at Kiyokawa Orchards (3)

We took our annual trip to the Hood River Fruit Loop this weekend to pick apples.  We came away with a few more goodies besides.  Lots of apples for sauce and pies, strawberries for jam, and pumpkins for the porch.  Saturday was cloudy early, but brightened up in the afternoon.  

Apple picking at Kiyokawa Orchards (10)

Strawberry picking at Kiyokawa Orchards (5)

Rasmussen Farm (2)

Draper Girls Family Farm (1)
If I were to pick another area of Oregon that I really love, this would be it.  So many farm fresh goodies abound in the Hood River valley.  It's always a lovely trip!

This week will be another busy one for me.  I have a week long workshop with Rosalie Dace.  I have heard many good things about her classes, so I hope I have lots of good things to report.  See you back here before too long.