SOQS:: First Impressions


Once again I'm pressed for time.  This has been a crazy July even though I really tried to make it more easy going.  Oh well.  This first Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show post is about the quilts I saw in the first half hour that really caught my eye.  I tend to gravitate toward color, interesting pictorial quilts, beautiful stitching and anything liberated.  There's lots more to come over the next few days.  Enjoy!


Circles!  I love circles.  Been thinking about doing some reverse applique circles some time.  Not that these are, I can't remember.  I did see some on a quilt that Alex Anderson did- you'll see that later.


Wonderful use of scraps!


This African embroidery is really lovely.  I am getting back into embroidery and would love to try some of this.


Owls- these are wonderful.  Have you noticed how owls are popping up everywhere?   I remember in the 70's my mom collecting owl figurines and making owl stitcheries.  They've made a comeback.  Chloe* and I went to Powell's on Hawthorne (Portland) yesterday.  It's an offshoot of the City of Books.  This one has two stores side by side.  One has all the regular books and a kid section, the other has the hand craft books and lots of gift items.  It's a fun store.  Anyway, they had a whole bunch of owl aprons with some of my favorite quilt fabrics and a whole table of owl goodies.  Very tempting!


I was in such a rush I didn't even notice that rogue block at the show!  Isn't that cool?


This sort of reminds me of my Gee's Bend quilt.  This was in the machine quilter's showcase.  I would have loved it more if it was hand quilted.  See you next time!

* Just a note- Chloe is back from Europe which was why we were in Portland again.  She came back with tons of stories, lots of photos and excellent memories.  The 4 hour ride home just flew by with all the talking we did!