Kea Land


We got a somewhat distant view of Fox Glacier, on the West Coast, because the path was closed due to rock falls.  However, in the car park we were utterly charmed by this Kea parrot.  Keas are the only alpine parrot in the world and they regularly hang out in cold and snowy mountain areas of New Zealand.  This bird was one of the ones I really wanted to see and we were not disappointed.  He came right up to every car that came into the lot. 


He also pranced and shuffled sideways, quite entertaining!


Yesterday we went to the Kiwi House in Hokitika to make sure we'd see a Kiwi on this trip.  They were captive as expected, but fun to see anyway.  No cameras are allowed in there because they are noturnal birds and get stressed with the light of camera flashes.  I'd still like to see a wild Kiwi so we may be able to visit Kapiti Island when we get to the North Island.  We'll see. 


And here the boys strike a pose on an old steam engine on the road to Nelson, which is where we are now!