Sisters Goodies

Yesterday, when I took my quilts to Sisters for the show, I got a chance to do the Around the Block- Fiber Arts Stroll.  It's sort of a preview of the quilt show and is just on Saturday evening.  Many of the shops downtown had refreshments and demonstrations of various artists- in wood, fiber, quilts, etc.  We only saw a few, but I was most impressed by two of them.  At the Stitchin' Post, Wendy Hill was signing books and demonstrating how she makes these gorgeous threaded bowls.  Chloe took an immediate liking to them and so we got the book and were also lucky enough to get one of her last free kits for getting started.

I also happened to find Collaborative Quilting available as we were paying for the above book.  I had this ordered from Amazon (it's all Jan's doing!), but they weren't going to ship it until August 1st.  Well, now I have it in my hot little hands and it looks so good.  I can't wait to dive right in.