Santa Fe Sights

We had a marvelous couple of days in Santa Fe.  This is the performing arts hall taken Monday evening.  I just love the colors in this photo.

We walked around downtown this morning and visited the Palace of the Governors, which is now the state's history museum.  Three years ago we were in Santa Fe at Christmas time and learned about an evening holiday event in the Palace of the Governors.  It was magical!  There was hot chocolate and biscochitos for everyone, bonfires in the courtyard, crafts and various singing groups.  They even had the antique printing press going for the kids to try.  We decided not to enter the museum today partly because we didn't have much time and partly because we didn't want to lose the magical memories we already had of the place.

The wind art is located just outside the famous Lorreto Chapel.


Gallery art abounds in Santa Fe.

The Palace of the Governors.

Our timing wasn't so good for seeing anything at the Georgia O'Keeffe museum because they are between exhibits, but we did get in for free to see what was available.  The we walked back toward the Palace of the Governors and stopped at the Museum of Fine Arts.  This one is also between exhibits, but for half price (kids free) we got in to see some permanent exhibits, including one for Georgia O'Keeffe.  The courtyard is so pretty.


We stopped again at the Palace to buy a couple of things from the artisans, then headed to the Santa Fe Southern Railroad for the Wednesday afternoon Hotshot.  This is a two hour ride to the south of Santa Fe.  It takes you through the city and out into the country.  It's a pretty ride and we had wonderful weather.  We were also surprised to find that a mom and daughter from Live & Learn were on the same train!  The daughter is Natalie, but I've forgotten the mom's name.  Our unschooled kids were the only kids on the train.


Our last stop in Santa Fe was the Science Toy Magic store.  This is a teeny, tiny shop that sells all kinds of really cool toys that operate on scientific principles.  The store owner is an eccentric guy who loves to demonstrate the toys.  It's like a free magic show, but you get the explanation on how it all works.  Definitely a stop for anyone who makes it to Santa Fe.  Many of the toys include very strong magnets, such as the levitating top.  Once we learned how to make it spin and keep it going it was really fun.  We ended up buying a couple of things, though not that one.  Then we were on the High Road to Taos.