Lava Lands

This past Friday we had a nice outing with our local unschooling group.  We call ourselves COOL- Central Oregon Open Learners.  It was to the Lava Lands Visitor Center less than 10 miles south of town.  Lava Lands is part of Newberry National Volcanic Monument.  Central Oregon is full of recent volcanic flows (in geologic time, I mean).  Lava Lands is especially wonderful because you can walk on a trail right through the lava flow.  You can also drive up Lava Butte and have an amazing 360 degree view of the area.  We were also on a mission to find both a letterbox and a geocache.

It was the first clear morning we've had all week, but was very cool.  The views were incredible!

We didn't have luck finding the letterbox, unfortunately.  But a few of the kids went with me to find the geocache.

We drove up the butte and had a nice look around.  We'll have to come back next year to walk around the crater because the center's last day of the season was yesterday.

South Sister and Broken Top.