"A" you're adorable

"B" you're so beautiful, "C" you're a cutie full of charms...  This is my favorite alphabet song of all time.  I've been thinking a lot about what would be representative of me beginning with the letter A.  It was really hard.  I've got lots of ideas for other letters, but A didn't come to me quickly.  I finally decided on two of my favorite books.  A is for Ahab's Wife and Animal Dreams.  Both of these books really affected me and I've read them multiple times.  After reading Ahab's Wife I was determined to make it to Nantucket Island and we did make it there last September.  Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorite authors, so any book by her is a must read.

Scrabble fits quite nicely in his stocking as you see here.  I'll be duplicate stitching the bones and paw prints and I may end up felting it.  I need to try felting a swatch since I don't know if the Lamb's Pride oatmeal will felt, but I just might do it since the stocking is so big.

Lastly, I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!  I have many plans for 2006 including lots of travel, finishing some WIP's and starting new projects.  This might even be the year I learn to spin.  We'll see!