Empty Bowls

Our community has what is known as an Empty Bowls fundraiser each November to raise money for the homeless.  We hadn't gone to it before, but managed to squeeze it in last Saturday between the Veteran's Day Parade and a swim party.

It's a pretty cool concept.  Local potters and students make the bowls and donate them to the coordinating group.  Then the group charges $18 a ticket.  For your ticket you get to pick a beautiful bowl to take home and they fill it with soup.  You also get delicious bakery breads, dessert and beverages.  I got the most amazing Vietnamese Noodle Soup with Chicken.  I can still taste it now and I really need to find a recipe for it.  Chloe picked out the bowl above, while I got the hand built one below.  It was a treat and I think we'll do it again!