Long Time No See


Time keeps slipping by and I've not had the blogging mojo.  The house is getting settled and the family visits are over.  Chloe has been delivered to college and started classes last week.  Ryan's school starts in a few days so I should be able to get back up to speed here soon.  

Yesterday I could wait no longer to get back to my usual summer activities.  We may be having the last of the truly hot summer weather so I started a new indigo vat.  My technique has improved and this time I got some lovely deep blues.  The long pieces are silk scarves from Dharma.  I also dyed an orange plaid linen tablecloth picked up at a thrift store.  The orange mellowed to a nice brown which was just what I was looking for.  There's some cotton floss and cotton fabric too.  See you soon with stories of my summer!