Art Deco Napier


The Art Deco city of Napier was a real treat to visit one day while Mark was golfing at Cape Kidnappers.  We saw an informative film about the city and it's reconstruction after a massive earthquake in 1931.  The 7.8 earthquake demolished the town and lifted a whole swampy area that subsequently dried out making more land for the city.  Given the opportunity to start from scratch, the town developed a more unified approach to architecture.  There is also some Spanish mission style and others, but the Art Deco is predominant. 


We first heard about Napier in a show on the Travel channel about their Art Deco Weekend which takes place every February.  Can you imagine this town filled with folks wearing period clothing and driving vintage cars.  It must be quite a sight.  They even have a Gatsby picnic.


Many of the details on the buildings were intriguing and I can imagine using some of these themes in some hand quilting, if I were to ever do it with a pattern again.


The ASB Bank is one of the best examples of Maori carving patterns on a European style building.  I also like these patterns for quilting designs.  I wish I'd gotten more photos of those details.


Zigzags and sunbursts are plentiful here on the old Hotel Central building.


All this, and on the edge of the sea.  In the distance you can see the cliffs of Cape Kidnappers.