Wearing o' the green


I managed to finish these, what turned out to be Paddy's Day socks, last night with only a couple of hours to spare.  I hadn't intended them to be for St. Patrick's Day which we don't even celebrate, but it just worked out that way.  These are the plain vanilla, top down sock recipe found in the Yarn Harlot's book, Knitting Rules!, with an eye of partridge heel.  These will be perfect in my Birkies for the coming spring days.


It's the first time I've done this heel and I love the look of it.  I'm still deciding if my favorite sock is top down or toe up though.  I'm going to start another plain vanilla pair and I think I'll do these next ones toe up.

Specs:  Dream in Color Smooshy, colorway Spring Tickle.  64 stitches on 2 size 1 Addi lace circs.  I have a good portion leftover so I wish I'd made these longer.  They are 7 inches to the top of the heel flap, but I could've added a couple of inches to the height.  Smooshy is a superwash merino with 450 yds, very generous for sock yarn.

I've been down with the flu since last Thursday which is why this is all I have to show for myself.  I did get quite bit of reading done, but I'm still too tired to head into the studio for sewing.  I also watched some movies including Rivers and Tides, which came recommended by Kathy at Pink Chalk Studio.  If you've never seen Andy Goldsworthy's work, you have to see this film- awesome!

Nasty flu!  Just when I was planning on celebrating.  Now I can't wait to be all better and really go out somewhere!  Thanks for all the well wishes on completing my radiation.  I'm thrilled to be "on the other side"!