New In Shop :: You Are My Sunshine

Sunshine Patches (11).JPG

You are my Sunshine is one of my favorite songs! Long, long ago my husband gave the nickname Sunshine to my mom and so it’s significant for that, but it was also a favorite song we’d sing when my children were very young. For Star Trek fans, there was that scene where Seven-of-Nine sang it to the Doctor. It was quite lovely.

When I was making those block printed ornaments a couple of weeks ago, I also made these You Are My Sunshine patches from my hand carved block. They are created with white textile ink on hand dyed indigo linen patches (6.5 inches square). Each one is unique with varying values of indigo and patterns of dye. These would be fantastic for quilt block centers, quilt labels, ornaments, patches on garments, etc. The textile ink is supposed to be washable, though I haven’t tested it.

I have stitched on some of the patches and will be using them in future projects that will likely be for sale. I think I’ll make some into zipper bags.

Sunshine Patches (9).JPG
Sunshine Patches (10).JPG

I also made one into an ornament. This is black ink on natural linen and is available in the shop. Thanks for looking!