SOQS 2014 :: Whisper Quilts and The Clock Shop

Sisters Show 2014 Clearwater Gallery (1)Today's post takes us to the area of town just behind the Stitchin' Post.  Clearwater Gallery had a lovely exhibit of quilts by Jean Wells.  These small pieces are being sold at very affordable prices and they are so beautiful.  Sisters Show 2014 Clearwater Gallery (2)

In the courtyard outside the gallery we had the special exhibit of the Central Oregon SAQA group.  These are our Whisper Quilts.  For this exhibit the group was divided into smaller groups of 5-6 people.  The first person created a quilt and passed it to the next in the group.  The 2nd person made a quilt inspired by the first.  The 3rd person only got to see the second quilt and so on.  Just like the old telephone game! It's so interesting to see how the quilts change from one to the other.  Inspiration could be color, shape or subject.Sisters Show 2014 Clearwater Gallery (3)The group above managed to keep a pretty obvious tree theme going.Sisters Show 2014 Clearwater Gallery (4)This is my group (above).  It started with the octopus, then the raven, then the yellow one which turned out to have bird shapes and the other two to the right followed.Sisters Show 2014 Clearwater Gallery (5)This group has a lot of variation!Sisters Show 2014 Clearwater Gallery (6)This group has a strong element of vertical shapes in all 5 pieces.Sisters Show 2014 Clearwater Gallery (7)This group is a little harder to follow, but I see various inspirations from one to another.Sisters Show 2014 Clock shop (1)Across the street from the gallery is Beacham's Clock Shop.  This is such a cool place!  The quilts are displayed so beautifully and you get all the fascinating clocks to look at to boot.  These are the SOQS challenge quilts with the theme, "Stars Over Sisters".Sisters Show 2014 Clock shop (3)This challenge allowed for a lot of variety.Sisters Show 2014 Clock shop (2)Marion's quilt is still my favorite though!Sisters Show 2014 Clock shop (7)

Sisters Show 2014 Clock shop (9)

Sisters Show 2014 Clock shop 15 (1)

Sisters Show 2014 Clock shop (10)Some of these photos were taken the week before quilt show. I had to go to Sisters for something and I brought Ryan with me for his first visit to the clock shop.  He has developed a love of grandfather clocks, so this was a perfect field trip!  The one above was his favorite.  Also, I found a real cuckoo!Sisters Show 2014 Clock shop (8)