We're back!  We've been back for a week now, but we've been busy with my birthday, Thanksgiving, and all the new holiday festivities.  I'll have more to show you as the days go on.  I'm still catching up on things.  Traveling is wonderful, but you sure have to pay for it when you return!


As someone guessed in the comments of the previous post, we were indeed in Hawaii.  It was a pretty relaxing trip with plenty of laying about by the pool or at the beach.


We also did several geocaches, Mark and Chloe went scuba diving and we ate lots of delicious food!


Here's a Honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle) at Honu beach on Oahu's north shore.  This one is named Nalukai and is estimated to be 40 years old.  Nearly as old as me!  There were volunteers sitting right outside the frame to protect the resting turtle from activity on this very busy beach.  We also saw an extremely endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal.  Mark got some great photos, but I don't have them on my computer.


On Maui there's a town called Pukalani.  It's right near the area called Kula where we lived 5 years ago.  It's also known as Upcountry Maui and is the most beautiful place in the islands as far as I'm concerned.  We had a lovely day visiting up there.  Anyway, Pukalani roughly translates as an opening in the sky or heavens.  This photo above captures it perfectly.  A hui hou (til next time)!