QuiltCon 2015 :: 2

Today's post goes onto the quilt show floor at QuiltCon 2015.  I'll start with the major winners (Congratulations to all!), then show some scenes around the show, then onto the categories: Spring Cotton Couture Fabric Challenge, Modern Traditionalism, Applique, and the Bias Tape Quilting Challenge.  Remember, these are all clickable to see more detail.  Also, remember this is my take on the show and I don't have photos of every quilt.  Please alert me if you notice that I've made a mistake on the attributions.  Enjoy!

The Winners

i Quilt (front)
Kathy York
Austin MQG

Best in Show

i Quilt (back)
Kathy York
Austin MQG

Best in Show

Coral Reef
Marla Varner

Bainbridge Island MQG (Washington)
Quilting Excellence Award

Diving Geese
Pieced by Katie Pedeson, Quilted by Krista Withers
Seattle MQG

Best Machine Quilting

Eames Blocks
Designed by Lorena Maranon, Individual Member, 
Pieced by Jen Carlton Bailly, Portland MQG
Quilted by Gina Pina, Austin MQG

Giveaway Quilt (raffled off)

The Show Floor

Upon entering the show floor, there was the Modern Quilt Guild information table, then around the back of it, there was this wall that anyone could write on.  By the end it was pretty well covered.

Below are scenes from the show floor.  The show was very nicely hung, with plenty of space even for the busiest day which was Saturday.  I never had trouble getting a clear shot of a quilt even though I didn't have my wide angle lens.  Sometimes you had to wait a minute or two, but that was about it.  

My only complaint about the way the quilts were hung was that if there were 2 or more quilts on a panel, the signs for each were clumped together in no particular order. You had to read very carefully to figure out which sign went with which quilt.  I would prefer to have the signs to the side of each quilt.  I talked to others who felt the same.

Spring Cotton Couture Fabric Challenge

This is the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge where participants could use mainly solids from the Spring Cotton Couture Pastel line.

The New New
Amy Anderson
Asheville, MQG (North Carolina)

Lucky Day
Cynthia Frenette
Fraser Valley MQG (British Columbia)

Modern Traditionalism

Corinne Sovey
Austin MQG

Grand Pineapple- Dichotomy
Allison Lee
Triangle MQG (North Carolina)

Half Square Triangles
Tara Faughnan
Individual Member, Oakland, California


Bowls and Balls #2
Rachel Kerley

Portland MQG

Hometown Quilt
Gina Pina
Austin MQG

Such a clever quilt!  Here are a couple of detail shots.

Self Study #4 (The One for T)
Chawne Kimber
Individual Member, Pennsylvannia

Bias Tape Quilting Challenge

Katherine Jones

Tasmania MQG (Australia)
1st Place Bias Tape Quilting Challenge


Me and Marion Shimoda

Me and Marion Shimoda

I didn't do a great job of getting people shots, except for the photo with my Central Oregon peeps and these two with Marion , my traveling buddy and Maria .  I've been following Maria's blog for a while now.  They each had a quilt in the show and I'll show those when I get to the pertinent category.  Marion and I are great traveling companions and it was all due to her that I even decided to go.  I'm so happy I did!  

I had planned to have lunch with Maria on Thursday, but we kept bumping into her, so spent time with her every day and even discovered my seat on the plane back to Seattle was right across the aisle from her.  Isn't it great to finally meet someone that you've only known online and find out you click in real life too?

Maria Shell and me

Maria Shell and me

Seen in the vendor hall

Seen in the vendor hall


It turns out it takes quite a bit of time to put together these posts.  I'll be doing more soon, but I'm also prepping a PowerPoint presentation for my guild on the 9th and have some other deadlines coming up.  I will try to get to these posts soon.  In the meantime, there are loads of other bloggers posting about QuiltCon, including Maria (Tales of a Stitcher).