Cross Currents Stitchwork


I got some unexpected free time this afternoon, so another in progress post!  Today I was working on adding surface design by stitching by machine and by hand.  Adding interest to individual blocks before putting them together is something I've been doing in my work in Jude Hill's classes as well.  Here I am mixing both machine and hand stitching even in the same blocks.  When looking at Rosalie's pieces, it's very interesting to see how she has combined all sorts of techniques. 


One of the things she mentioned is to not say to yourself I can't do that, but, rather, how can I do that?  All of these things I've done could be accomplished by either machine or by hand and you get different looks.  It's nice to see the difference and variety though.



I brought home several blocks with the intention of adding more surface stitching before starting to join them tomorrow.


Colors in the above photos are rather washed out, but the colors below are a bit better.  I am looking forward to getting this piece out into natural light for a real photo shoot.



Tomorrow is a very full day, so hopefully I'll be able to post more on Friday.  More later!