Sisters Quilt Show :: Applique & The Bean Trees


By now you should know that my so-called categories for the quilts will have some overlap.  There was plenty of applique in the last post, but here's some more.  I really like this Mary Lou Weidman inspired quilt about Hurricane Ike.   Look at these next photos carefully to see the details.



Following are quilts from the Teacher's tent.  These are from a couple of my favorite local quilters.  First up is Joanne Myers who is in my quilt guild.  She was doing a demo during Fiber Arts Stroll on making these little paper pieced wheels.  I have made several since then.  I know I said I hate paper piecing, but it's a fun way to use little tiny scraps and not too much effort to pull off the papers.  That said, I really ought to try making some of these the good ole liberated way!


I like how she used the scrappy strings in these quilts, simple technique but very dynamic.


Joanne is a master at applique.  She also did these next two floral four block quilts.


Joanne also hand quilts beautifully.  You might be able to see her hand quilting if you click to see these photos bigger.


I also had to get a photo of Tonye Belina Phillips House Party quilt all done. She said she got it quilted just in time for the show. 




The following quilts are from a special exhibit called The Bean Trees.  The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver, is one of my favorite books ever.  This challenge was offered in one of the local small quilt groups that are offshoots of the quilting guilds and all the quilters below are in my guild.  The first quilt makes reference to "human beans" and the turtle is due to one of the main character's name of Turtle.  It was done by Marilyn Ulrich.


This quilt symbolizes the part of the story when Turtle learns that everyone must take care of each other.   It's by Susan Rola.


This quilt was done by Jill Monley.  I love the exhuberant colors.


There were several other quilts in this exhibit, but I didn't get photos of them all.