All dressed up and somewhere to go

My baby is flying solo today!  Chloe has a friend in California who is having her Bat Mitzvah this Saturday.  At first we thought we'd make it a family trip, or have Mark take her down there on a business trip.  When I got my diagnosis, we knew those solutions wouldn't work, so she's flying on her own.  She is very confident about it all, so I'm not too worried, but you know, I'm a mom!

Luckily I finished this little number just in time.  This is a sweater from Louisa Harding- Beachcomber Bay Design Collection.  It's made with Rowan Calmer on size 7 needles (6 for edgings where it calls for a smaller needle). 

I like the feather and fan lace at the bottom edges.

I finished setting in the sleeves last night while listening to a great thunderstorm and watching a crazy Craig Ferguson movie.  Thank goodness it was done it time.  Now she's on her way and I'm spending the next few days resting about the house.  More of something to come next week.