QuiltCon 2015 :: 3

Hello!  Today's post includes quilts from four categories:  Handwork, Small Quilts, Group or Bee Quilts, and Minimalist Design.  Remember, these are all clickable to see more detail.  Also, remember this is my take on the show and I don't have photos of every quilt.  Please alert me if you notice that I've made a mistake on the attributions.  Enjoy!


Bias Petal Play
Marion Shimoda
Portland MQG

As I said in the last post, Marion was my traveling partner.  This quilt was made as a test sample for The Improv Handbook for Modern Quiltersby Sherri Lynn Wood.  Marion's quilt made it into the book too!  It was listed as not for sale at QuiltCon, but someone really wanted it and Marion did end up selling it.  Congratulations Marion!

Sunset Waves
Laura Hartrich
Chicago MQG

Sunset Waves detail

Syncopation Quilt
Jean Cockburn
Individual Member, British Columbia

Improv Log Cabin
Tara Faughnan
Individual Member, Oakland, California

Small Quilts

What's the Frequency, Love?
Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill
Southern Connecticut MQG
1st Place Small Quilts

In Wedowee
Chawne Kimber
Individual Member, Pennsylvannia
2nd Place Small Quilts

In Wedowee was a quilt that I couldn't wait to see in person.  I've been following Chawne's blog and Instagram for quite a while.  I was also hoping to meet her in person, but was so sad when she was too sick to make the trip.  This quilt got my vote for People's Choice.  Of course, I love the improv piecing, but it's even more special for the incredible hand quilting!  Congratulations Chawne!

In Wedowee detail

In Wedowee detail

Amy Friend
Seacoast MQG (Massachusetts)
3rd Place Small Quilts

One Third Street Neighborhood
Amy Stevenson
Ann Arbor MQG

I Like BIG Blocks and I Cannot Lie
Allison Chambers
San Antonio MQG

Group or Bee Quilts

Playing with Little Bits
Rose Daley, Anna Levengood, Jill Stafford, Jessica Skultety, Jessica Levitt, Robin Tillsworth, Rachel Singh, and Elizabeth Timmons
Participants of Mid-Atlantic MQG 2014
1st Place Group or Bee Quilts

Churn Dash 2: Complementary
Martha Peterson, Deborah Ferguson, and Chandra Wu

Seattle MQG
Second place Group or Bee Quilts

Phoebe Harrell, Alice Anthony, Catherine Beemer, Geri Smith, Jackie Boyd, Kelly Biskopink, Keri Davidson, Kim McPeake, Linda Ambrose, Lynn Crymes, Tamie Herin, Whitner Kane, and Sandy Goodwin
Charleston MQG

Minimalist Design

Season Evans
Seattle MQG

Leanne Chahley
Edmonton MQG
1st Place Minimalist Design