Still Green

Fall Color (9)
I took this photo the other day and just had to share.  We still have some green nearby, though our street has mostly gone to gold.  We had a nice Halloween, though not too many trick-or-treaters.  Now that we're into November, it's really time to think about the holidays.  I've got some knitted goodies that I'm working on.  I'm also finally (seriously!) doing Ryan's' baby book.  Yes- he's an adult now, yes- he just voted for the first time, and yes- I think it's really time to get the thing done.  

My studio is a disaster with piles from where I've dumped stuff after the classes I had in October.  I now have scrapbooking supplies spread all over.  I have so much to do, but this has to take priority.  I think I'll be catching up after the whirlwind October I've had for a while longer!