Lake Arrowhead

Today we went over to Lake Arrowhead to ride the Arrowhead Queen and check out the shops.  We had a wonderful time at the fun center too.  Chloe rode the go karts and both kids did the big slide.  We also discovered the Lake Arrowhead Children's Museum.  We were surprised to learn that we could leave Chloe in charge of Ryan because she's 13 and Cheryl and I could go out shopping.  That was a treat!  The kids had a wonderful time while we were gone- face painting, running the grocery store, playing Rokenbok.

The boat ride captain was full of trivia about the lake and the celebrities who own property there.  There are houses that are currently owned by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and Dick Clark as well as houses that were formally owned by Liberace, Doris Day and June Lockhart.  There were some houses up so high on the hill they put in these mini trams to bring the people down to the dock areas.  Some of the houses were incredible mansions, but the cute little ones were my favorites. 

We had lunch at a marvelous bakery called Razzbearie's.  The cinnamon rolls looked fantastic, but we just got lunch.  I may need to go back tomorrow morning to try the cinnamon rolls!  Cheryl and I had a nice time poking around in the shops, including a Charles Wysocki gallery.   The shop is moving so there were several items on sale. I could easily have bought some of the framed prints which are full of marvelous detail.

We had a wonderful visit with my sister, but tomorrow we are moving on again.  This time to Carlsbad where we will meet up with Mark and visit Legoland and Sea World.