Flicker Monday


We have a local flicker family with at least 10 members.  When this extreme cold started the other day I headed out to provide as many calories as I could for them.  Above, if you look closely, you'll see 6 flickers on the juniper tree.  It was really interesting this morning, when I looked out to find these flickers clinging to the tree and not moving at all.  I've never seen that behavior at all.  It seemed like they were sleeping or enjoying the sunshine.  In a few minutes they started moving, eating and eventually flying away for a bit before coming back for another bite to eat.  


The Bark Butter I've started using is a huge hit.  You can see a bit of it just above the knot in the tree.  They are also enjoying the peanut feeder, the suet feeder and a mixed seed feeder.


We also had some interesting tracks in the snow this morning.



Flicker tail above.  And tonight it's minus 15 degrees!  I think this is the coldest weather we've experienced here in the last 5 years.  So, out to the feeding station I'll go again tomorrow to give the birds another chance at survival!