Wendy's Wish Upon a Card 2014

DSCN9976After the Fiber Arts Stroll on Sunday I had a few minutes to check out the fabric postcard display at the Sisters Chamber of Commerce.  It's always wonderful to see how the Wendy's Wish folks display this little works of art so beautifully.  The wall above includes all of the challenge postcards minus the few that were framed (award winners).  These challenge postcards will not go on sale until Thursday at 3:30 at the reception.  DSCN9990

DSCN9989The First Place Honor goes to my good friend, Marion!  I'm so pleased that she won.  As, always her work is exquisite and whimsical. Marion also made this wonderful star below.DSCN9984

DSCN9977My silly bird got an honorable mention.  I love making these goofy birds!  I have two other framed pieces, the house below and the vase of flowers.  The house was made with the watercolor technique I demonstrated on Sunday.  The flowers are made with a different watercolor technique.  For those I used a technique I learned from Carla Sonheim.  I painted with regular watercolors on t-shirt transfer paper, added a bit of colored marker, then cut shapes which were then ironed on the background fabric before quilting.



These cards were framed by Myrna Dow of High Desert Frameworks in Bend.  She does over 80 framed cards every year as a community service project. Her framing choices are unique and imaginative.  Here are a few others I really like.  I will be at the reception on Thursday.  Don't forget you can also buy many other postcards in the general category.  Unmatted cards are only $5 a piece!  Matted ones are being sold for $25 or $75.  There are also the teacher's framed cards available at Sisters High School.  I haven't gotten over to see them yet, but they are always fantastic.