Christmas in August

013 - Copy

Actually, it was Christmas in July when I got this fabulous package from Lazy Gal Tonya.  I was thrilled to win some L-O-V-E letters from her, but I didn't know that she'd send these other treats- all Christmasy, since she knows I'm a fellow Santa lover.  I got one of her little gift bags with a snowman print and an adorable Santa ornament.  Thank you so much, Tonya!  This is the last you'll see of the letters until sometime next year.  I have sworn to keep the resulting project a secret until then.  So it's lucky for you that I have another Santa project going that I was working on just when this package came.

014 - Copy (2)

I made some wonky stars for the sides and a bit of crazy sawtooth that I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate.  There will be more to come with this.  I have realized that with some projects I really need to let them marinate for a while while I think of what to do next.  I guess that's the problem with letting the quilt make the decisions.  When I started this one, it was to be a small wall hanging about the width of the center panel, but the quilt wanted more, so I'm happy to oblige.