Great Band, Lousy Venue

Alison Krauss and Union Station put on a great concert, but the venue wasn't so good.  It's an outdoor concert area which we've been to before, but only when it's a free concert and the number of people is about 5 % of yesterday.  We got there 1.5 hours after the gates opened, so had to sit at the back with a VIP section right behind us.  We were very disappointed in the talking behind us.  Come on people!  I guess they got in for free and came for the food and drinks because they sure weren't paying attention to the music. 

The concert was good, but I would have rather been right up front where it's more immediate.  Alison talks very quietly as opposed to her singing voice and it was hard to hear the banter between songs.  The last time we saw her it was an indoor auditorium and the sound was fine.  I guess it's the outdoor environment that was a problem.  Well, Chloe loved it and that's what counts.  She wants to go another time. 

Mark and I were talking later about the best concert we've been to which was at a place called The Palms (used to be in Davis now in Winters, CA).  It's so small that you are right there in front of the band.  We saw the Seldom Scene there almost 20 years ago (when John Duffey was still alive) and it was a great show.

Yesterday and today have been long and tiring so no knitting has happened.  Today I was busy organizing and labeling several boxes of books and other things to sell at the upcoming homeschooling conference.  I can't believe it took all day, but I did get my closet organized.  Since the yarn stash lives there it now has room to breathe! 

Tomorrow I will get back to work sewing and knitting and maybe even felting.  I'm starting to wonder if I have enough time to finish the challenge quilt before the deadline.  If not I will definitely have it done for Christmas and it will be a nice entry for the county fair next year!  Photos to come soon!