Love in Bloom

The Language of Flowers in progress (1)

My Language of Flowers quilt top is finished and I'm getting ready to start quilting.  Unfortunately, I had a set back last week when I woke up on Friday, got out of bed and was hit with a wave of vertigo.  It was just awful, so debilitating.  I managed to get somewhat stabilized on Friday, but spent the weekend doing some hand sewing and other art projects outside.  Actually, it was a nice alternative to the busy weekend I could have had.

The Language of Flowers in progress (2)

The city started to come to life, the flowers are all in place. In fact, a hummingbird visited me today as I was doing some last minute embroidery.  Guess I must be doing something right!

The Language of Flowers in progress (3)

On Monday I ice dyed a 2 yard length of fabric to use for the backing and binding.  Now, I'm working on cleaning the studio enough to get to the sewing machine to start quilting.  Seriously, a month of dumping things in here has left it quite a disaster.  Tomorrow is the quilt reveal at our Undercover Quilters meeting and I will show it here as soon as I can.  I also have photos from the special studio I got to visit.  More on that soon!

**PS**  I never heard from Penny G., so we chose another winner- Mathea!  Mathea, I have sent an email, please contact me to give me your info.