SOQS:: Block Contest


By the time I got to the Block Contest area, the winds had sprung up and things were drifting.  One of them actually blew down right when I was looking at it.  I got it safely into the hands of the hostess for the area.  I got photos of three from last year that were finished.  I thought there might have been a fourth, but it's not in my photos for some reason.  Mine is above right.  


This year's theme of black and white plus one color didn't appeal to me as much.  I did do the contest though and so did my sister.  Cheryl's is below.  I really like the movement in this block.


This is mine.  I was hot off the Posies class and so did a liberated flower pot.


This is just one panel of blocks.  Is it just me, or did they get a lot more than last year?  There were at least two more panels like this.  Below are some of my favorites.  The ones with the green ribbon are the teacher's picks. 


And the grand prize winner!  Sheep were big this year.  I wish I'd thought of the black and white birds.  Next time- the Teacher's Tent.  One of my favorite parts of the show!