Quilt Show Sneak Peek


Here's your first peak of a quilt that will be in the Sisters Quilt Show next week.  This is Chloe's quilt that she named, "Streets of Tuscany".  This is the one she picked out for her 16th birthday quilt.  It was finished just a day before the first day to deliver quilts to the show.   It's machine pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted. 


The houses are a Kaffe Fassett design though I added the little green windows.  The fabrics are Kaffe's stripes and shot cottons.  It has the Tuscany Silk batting and so it's very light.


You can see some of the quilting on the border.  All the quilting is done free hand which is my preferred method nowadays.


I'm so happy this is done.  I have been working on some other hand quilting which I hope to show off soon as well!