Hello :: Goodbye

June Hailstorm (12)
I am taking a little bit of time off from the blog right now.  I finished the binding on the last show quilt last night.  I did my presentation tonight at the East of the Cascades Quilters- fun as always!  And, I am getting ready for a trip tomorrow.  I will be gone til next week when things really heat up (literally and figuratively- a heat wave is on the way).  I haven't had time to take photos of the last couple of quilts, but should be able to do that Monday.  For now, I will go finish packing and try to get a decent night's sleep.  

If you haven't liked my Facebook page yet, there is a button on the right for Kristin Shields Folk Art.  I may be able to post photos from my trip there.  I am sure to post photos on Instagram too, which also has a link in the sidebar.  See you on the other side and have a great weekend!