Season's Greetings from Oregon!

Driving over the Pass (1)

Last weekend I drove over the pass to pick up Chloe at college.  I got held up for about a half an hour while a wreck was cleared and took a few photos. 

Driving over the Pass (3)

Driving over the Pass (4)

The snow plow brigade is good to see.  I arrived safely in McMinnville and Chloe and I did a little shopping.

McMinnville Christmas (1)

La Rambla was especially beautiful and all decked out for the holidays.  

McMinnville Christmas (2)

McMinnville chocolates (3)

We spent quite a bit of time choosing treats to bring home from Honest Chocolates.  I love their displays, shop policies and the decadent chocolate, of course!

McMinnville chocolates (1)

McMinnville chocolates (4)

We then went to Portland to spend the night and see a show.  We went to Santaland Diaries, which was a fun production.  The theater is right by Powell's, so we stayed late there browsing.  With a storm coming I was in debate about whether we should try to get home on Sunday, but the call of home won out and we made the trip.  It was slow and the snow level was down pretty far, but we made it home safely.  

Driving over the Pass (5)

Little Tree

It's good to be home and know we don't have any more travel for while.  This little tree is right in my kitchen window view and always makes me smile.  

Neighborhood Ducks

Oh, and great news, the ducks have returned!  We hadn't seen them for months, ever since the house across the street started being built.  They took a snowy walk the other day and I had to capture it again.  We are settling in for what looks like a white Christmas.  I wish you a bright and peaceful holiday!