A little stash enhancement never hurt anyone!


Last week was spring break here.  Both the kids had the week off.  Hubby was working, but not traveling, so we were all at home.  We had nixed a little Oregon vacation with the trailer, mainly due to our heavy travel schedule for the summer.  And a good thing, the weather's been classic Central Oregon "spring"- snow, hail, sleet, rain, wind and brilliant sunshine in small doses.  Anyway, with a totally free week, I had visions of staying home and sewing for hours on end- always a fantasy for me!  As the days went on, each one was filled to the max with time with friends which was fantastic, but not the week I had envisioned.  I have lots of stuff to post about, but I need to take photos and get them organized.  So, we'll start with these as they are easiest!  

On Thursday, I had a wonderful day out with my friend, Erin.  We had both won gift certificates at our guild meetings last year to Homestead Quilts, a store about 45 minutes from Bend.  We kept putting off the drive due to distance and weather.  Finally, we got to go and it was great.  The store was much bigger and well stocked that the last time I'd been there 4-5 years ago.  I stocked up on solids there.  I can always use more solids and these are the Moda Bella solids that I particularly like.  Today is Erin's birthday!  A big shout out Happy Birthday to her!


Yesterday was the Fiber Market Day in Prineville.  I went over by myself this time and didn't even buy any fiber.  I got some locally made soap and hand lotion.  Then went to The Quilt Shack in Prineville.  It's a small shop and had some nice stuff, but I didn't end up buying anything there.  On the way home I stopped in Redmond at one of my favorite quilt shops, Material Girl Fabrics, which sadly doesn't have a website.  Leslie has a fantastic assortment of contemporary prints.  It always makes me happy to walk in the door there.  I got the wonderful Alexander Henry Halloween prints above.  Plans for these include the Halloween/Christmas mash-up blocks that Tonya is looking for.  If you don't know what that means, you can read about it on UnRuly Quilting.  By the way, Tonya is coming to the Sisters Quilt Show this year!  Woohoo!  We've already made plans to get together.  It'll be great to meet after all these years.

Material Girl Fabrics also had the MoMo owls and Route 66 prints.  I've been collecting owl prints for a while now and have quite a few. I just love the Route 66 print with the retro cars and maps.  I've been to many of those places, but don't have plans for that fabric yet.  The last one is a street map of Paris that I bought on Etsy from Uberstitch.  This summer will be my first trip ever there and I already know I'm going to love it and will need to make a quilt.  I'll post more about the crafty pleasures of the week soon!