Spectacular Lava Lands


I know I promised some in progress stitching, but yesterday was so spectacularly beautiful I couldn't resist showing some photos from our homeschooling group's trip to Lava Lands.  It was an early taste of fall with crisp temps and gorgeous blue skies.  We had a talk with the ranger about the geology of the area.



Then we took a walk on the Trail of Molten Land.  After that, a trip to the top of Lava Butte.  Below you can see the road to Bend.


Last stop was the Lava River Cave, but there weren't good photo opportunities, so I can't show it here.  It was a 2 mile round trip under the ground in a lava tube.  And now, I'm off to take some stitching photos.  Soon, I promise!

PS~ I've been adding some new blogs to my blogroll in the side bar.  There are so many wonderful blogs, but lately I'm concentrating on the new folks I've been meeting in my classes with Jude Hill.  Check it out!