String Pieced Potholders

The past couple of months have been a little crazy here, what with preparing to move. I've been a little anxious and have found it hard to concentrate on new work.  Since I needed to clean out the fabric stash anyway, I decided to make a whole lot of string pieced blocks.  Some went into potholders, some into quilts.  Today's post is about the potholders.  

This year I joined the Mountain Meadows Quilt Guild in Sunriver, Oregon for the first time.  Sunriver is about 20 minutes from home, so there's no real reason that I never joined until now, especially considering I have lots of friends in the guild.  But, this year since my sister lives on the other side of Sunriver, it seemed a good way to meet in the middle and spend some time together.  One great thing about Mountain Meadows is that they put on the Sunriver quilt show which is really nicely placed in the village at Sunriver and is very well attended.  And, potholders are a big fundraiser for the guild.  Dozens of potholders are sold during the show, so the guild collects them from members throughout the year.  I decided to make lots of them with these fabrics that I wanted to clear from the stash.  They were lots of fun to make, and pretty quick.  I am thinking that a little tutorial would be in order if there's interest.  Just let me know!