Hand Dyed Inspiration Packs

6 Inch Inspiration Packs (1)

The 6" Inspiration Packs are ready!  These include 10 squares of various weights and textures of hand dyed fabric.  Most are cotton, but each pack includes at least 2 squares of specialty fabric which could be silk, linen, pineapple fiber or hemp.  Pretty cool!  These will be available at the Fiber Arts Stroll and any leftovers will go in my shop.  I am also working on some 4" Inspiration Packs.  There will only be a few of them.  I may have to raise the price after this.  The time it has taken to iron, cut and package these babies has been pretty intensive.  For the Fiber Arts Stroll the price is $5 per pack.

6 Inch Inspiration Packs (2)