The Pine Needlers


Cheryl and I went to the Camp Sherman Quilt Show right after leaving class.  It was a treat to see so many pretty quilts in this small space.  The Pine Needlers are a small quilt guild, but they make a splash here.  The husbands are called the Pine Nuts and they are in charge of the food!   The quilt above was the first one as you walk in the door.  The exquisite hand quilting stopped me in my tracks.  One thing about this show was that there was a lot of hand quilting, something you see so rarely these days.


This next one is their raffle quilt and I just love it!  The green is actually more lime green in person and is one of my favorite green fabrics.


I guess I didn't get a full shot of this quilt, but I thought the border quilting was very unusual.


This is Sue Spargo's pattern, Ginger Grove.  I love the central bird block.


There were many antique quilts in this show, including this gorgeous string quilt.  Lovely hand quilting too.


This folded log cabin is based on a technique that Sarah Kaufman teaches. 


The show had a special exhibit by Tonye Belinda Phillips, author of the new book- Hand Appliqued Quilts.  I took a class with Tonye at last year's Quilter's Affair and had a really good time.  I knew at the time that she was working on a book, but forgot about until a couple of weeks ago when I ran into it at the Stitchin' Post.  I had to get it and I highly recommend it for the inspiration.  It's really a beautiful book. 


Anyway, the whole loft portion was filled with Tonye's quilts and it was fantastic.  She almost always hand quilts too.  I love her whimsical, colorful style.  I like the scallop applique border on this pitcher quilt.


I really, really love this one.  I was especially drawn to the squares.  It was funny because Tonye is known for her circle applique.  When I asked her about the squares she said she started doing them because she realized how much quicker and easier they are than the circles.  Here they are so unexpected that they add a great whimsical touch.


The red quilt below is the one that we worked on in the class last year.  I got inspired to work on mine again.  I've got two vases down and I'm working on the third. 


I love all the different basket styles here.  Also the irregular triangle border.  I also like the flower shape on the bottom row.  I think she told us last year why she didn't do another basket, but I forget why.  Perhaps she was just tired of them!


Cheryl and I got a chance to have a good chat with Tonye.  She's very warm and friendly and remembered me from last year.  I wish her continued success, her work is really stunning.


More to come!