QuiltCon 2015 :: 5

Today's post is all about Improv!  Hurray, my favorite category in the whole show deserves a post all to itself.  There were lots of improv quilts in the other categories, but this was the highlight for me.  For those who don't know, the categories were decided by the QuiltCon folks.  So, one would submit quilts and not know what category they'd end up in.  It made it a bit like a treasure hunt to go looking for your quilt.

Remember, these are all clickable to see more detail.  Also, remember this is my take on the show and I don't have photos of every quilt.  Please alert me if you notice that I've made a mistake on the attributions.  Enjoy!


The Rabbit Hole
Nydia Kehnle
Individual Member, New York
1st Place Improvisation

The Rabbit Hole detail

The Rabbit Hole detail

For Tanya
Emily Coffey

Asheville MQG (North Carolina)
Judge's Choice

Face #1
Melissa Averinos
Individual Member, Massachusetts
Judge's Choice

Fade Into Gray
Stephanie Ruyle
Individual Member, Colorado

Tuning Fork #13
Heather Pregger
Fort Worth MQG

Rainbow Remix
Rebecca Bryan
Houston MQG

Elisa Albury

Salt Lake MQG

Abyuna Al Minya
Patricia Lutteral
Individual Member, Argentina

Las Ventanas
Kristin Shields
Central Oregon MQG

Wild Geese
Penny Gold

In Anniston
Chawne Kimber

Individual Member, Pennsylvannia

In Anniston detail (teeny tiny red square!)

Elisa Albury
Salt Lake MQG

Lite Brite
Maria Shell
Individual Member, Alaska

Shifting Impressions
Marianne Haak
Edmonton MQG

Score for Modern Block Improv: Flying Geese
Sherri Lynn Wood
Individual Member, California

Score for Modern Block Improv: Flying Geese detail

Score for Modern Block Improv: Flying Geese detail

Bird's Eye View
Nathalie Bearden
Individual Member, Texas